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Did you know that 90% of real estate buyers of land are now searching online for properties?

Selling your lland may be one of the most difficult decisions you make. Whether it is the family farm passed down through generations or land that you have improved through hard work and investment of capital, the sale of your land is not always cut and dry.

Farm land, ranch land and just plain land will sell well 365 days per year, there is no down time.  " Nowadays, A successful family farm is one that’s sold to someone else."  If you feel you must leave the business to your children, sell it and give the cash to them.

Much can be said about the timing of putting a farm for sale on the market, but historically, more buyers are looking at land that is for sale when they are not busy with other work. Buyers often prefer to take possession of a farm before the next crop season and many sellers enjoy ending the calendar year with a sale and cash at closing. Farms can be sold during every season, but when the “for sale” sign goes up, you’ve established control of the market and are not leaving it up to chance.

The really is no “best time” to sell a farm. Farm sales occur throughout the year!

Lot and Land Buyers are Different from Homebuyers – These groups of people have very different perspectives, desires and needs. Homebuyers usually want move-in-ready, with granite countertops. Land buyers, whether individuals or developers, are looking for the right location and an opportunity that lets them customize to fit their needs. A sign showing Land for Sale is important.

Choose Your Price Carefully

Pricing can determine your success in attracting potential buyers, and pricing your lot or land too high is one of the biggest mistakes that sellers make…and regret. The wrong price will both scare away buyers from even inquiring about your property, and will cause your property to take longer to sell.

Pricing land can be trickier when compared to pricing a home.  Developed lots in communities may have a clear “market” price based on the recent sale of similar lots. Raw land, however, may have fewer “comparable” sales to use in determining your price. In addition, the price you ultimately can attract for a singular lot or undeveloped land can vary greatly depending on the buyer’s intended use of the property. For example, if a buyer feels that your acreage is appropriate for a high-end home development it likely will bring a higher price per acre than if a buyer only intends to build a single home on it.

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